2017-01-05 10:25

As a young and dynamic microcredit institution, we continuously strive to make our products and services more accessible and easier for our clients by introducing new approaches and products on the market.

The management team of the Ard Credit NBFI (Ard Credit) is pleased to announce that we have successfully launched our brand new product, Ard credit card. As market pioneers, we are becoming the first non-bank financial institution in Mongolia to offer a credit card service.

We believe that our Ard card, introduced as a co-branded card in partnership with the Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia (TDB), will not only fulfill our customers’ short term financial needs, but also help them to become financially well-organized and educated. The card holder will be provided with appropriate credit limit based on their income and credit history. Ard card bearer can use the credit anytime, when there is a need for a financial backup. Moreover, to make our card more attractive, we are offering cash back discounts on Ard card payments for services and products offered by the Ard Financial Group invested companies.

As we respect our customers’ precious time, we have launched an online application platform, where you can easily apply for the Ard card: